Nathalie Fosse creates fascinating sculptures which open up and into which dreams, originality and mystery are inherently incorporated.

Guided by her imagination, her hands create oversized eggs or seashells which are astonishing as much by their size as by their tactile and refined beauty.

The inspiration for the works of Nathalie Fosse comes directly from Nature which produces shapes as sophisticated as they are architectural. It is from this structure that she draws the rigour, the strength, the timelessness and the poetry which characterise all her works.

In order to give them form, she resorts to traditional techniques as well as to more contemporary ones. She herself carries out each stage of her creation. Her imagination is inspired by the interaction of shapes and the most precious of materials and, with precision, she combines ostrich or emu eggs, python skin, mother-of-pearl, shagreen and rare woods.

Following in the footsteps of the Lalannes, she is establishing her reputation as an artist.
In their manner, she makes Nature the foundation of her creations and gives an unusual dimension to her valuable sculptures.

Their purpose is to arouse curiosity, to astonish, evoke dreams and reflexion.